Apple Frameworks

Version applies to iOS version, unless otherwise stated.

Address Book2Access the centralized database for storing users’ contacts.Replaced by Contacts
Address Book UI2Access users’ contacts and display them in a graphical interface.Replaced by Contacts UI
Audio Toolbox2Record or play audio, convert formats, parse audio streams, and configure your audio session.
Audio Unit2Add sophisticated audio manipulation and processing capabilities to your app. Create audio unit extensions that generate or modify audio in a host app.
AVFoundation2Work with audiovisual assets, control device cameras, process audio, and configure system audio interactions.
CFNetwork2Access network services and handle changes in network configurations.
Core Animation2Render, compose, and animate visual elements.
Core Audio2Use the Core Audio framework to interact with device’s audio hardware.
Core Foundation2Access low-level functions, primitive data types, and various collection types that are bridged seamlessly with the Foundation framework.
Core Graphics2Harness the power of Quartz technology to perform lightweight 2D rendering with high-fidelity output
Core Location2Obtain the geographic location and orientation of a device.
Foundation2Access essential data types, collections, and operating-system services to define the base layer of functionality for your app.
Media Player2Find and play songs, audio podcasts, audio books, and more from within your app.
Objective-C Runtime2Gain low-level access to the Objective-C runtime and the Objective-C root types.
OpenGL ES2Create 3D and 2D graphics effects with this compact, efficient subset of OpenGL.Deprecated
Security2Secure the data your app manages, and control access to your app.
System Configuration2Allow applications to access a device’s network configuration settings. Determine the reachability of the device, such as whether Wi-Fi or cell connectivity are active.
UIKit2Construct and manage a graphical, event-driven user interface for your iOS or tvOS app.
Core Data3Persist or cache data on a single device, or sync data to multiple devices with CloudKit.
Core Text3Create text layouts, optimize font handling, and access font metrics and glyph data.
External Accessory3Communicate with accessories that connect to a device with the Apple Lightning connector, or with Bluetooth wireless technology.
GameKit3Enable players to interact with friends, compare leaderboard ranks, earn achievements, and participate in multiplayer games.
MapKit3Display map or satellite imagery within your app, call out points of interest, and determine placemark information for map coordinates.
Message UI3Create a user interface for composing email and text messages, so users can edit and send messages without leaving your app.
StoreKit3Support in-app purchases and interactions with the App Store.
Accelerate4Make large-scale mathematical computations and image calculations, optimized for high performance and low energy consumption.
Assets Library4Access the assets in a user’s media library.Replaced by PhotoKit
Core Media4Represent time-based audio-visual assets with essential data types.
Core MIDI4Communicate with MIDI devices such as hardware keyboards and synthesizers.
Core Motion4Process accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, and environment-related events.
Core Telephony4Access information about a user’s cellular service provider, such as its unique identifier and whether the carrier allows VoIP.
Core Video4Process digital video—including manipulation of individual frames—using a pipeline-based API and support for both Metal and OpenGL.
EventKit4Create, view, and edit calendar and reminder events.
EventKit UI4Display an interface for viewing, selecting, and editing calendar events and reminders.
iAd4Attribute app downloads that originate from Apple Search Ads campaigns.
Image I/O4Read and write most image file formats. Manage color and access image metadata.
QuickLook4Create previews of files to use inside your app, or perform simple edits on previews.
simd4Perform computations on small vectors and matrices.
Accounts5Help users access and manage their external accounts from within your app, without requiring them to enter login credentialsDeprecated
Core Bluetooth5Communicate with Bluetooth low energy and BR/EDR (“Classic”) Devices.
Core Image5Use built-in or custom filters to process still and video images.
GLKit5Speed up OpenGL ES or OpenGL app development. Deprecated
GSS5Conduct secure, authenticated network transactions.
NewsstandKit5Browse and download newspaper and magazine assets in the background.Deprecated
AdSupport6Provide apps with access to an advertising identifier.
PassKit (Apple Pay and Wallet)6Process Apple Pay payments in your app, and create and distribute passes for the Wallet app.
Social6Post content to supported social networking services, using standard system interfaces.
Video Toolbox6Work directly with hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding capabilities.
Wallet Passes6Create, distribute, and update passes for the Wallet app.
Game Controller7Support hardware game controllers in your game.
JavaScriptCore7Evaluate JavaScript programs from within an app, and support JavaScript scripting of your app.
Media Accessibility7Coordinate the presentation of closed-captioned data for your app’s media files.
Multipeer Connectivity7Support peer-to-peer connectivity and the discovery of nearby devices.
Safari Services7Enable web views and services in your app.
SpriteKit7Add high-performance 2D content with smooth animations to your app, or create a game with a high-level set of 2D game-based tools.
AVKit8Create user interfaces for media playback, complete with transport controls, chapter navigation, picture-in-picture support, and display of subtitles and closed captions.
CloudKit8Store structured app and user data in iCloud containers that all users of your app can share.
Core Audio Kit8Add user interfaces to audio units.
Dispatch8Execute code concurrently on multicore hardware by submitting work to dispatch queues managed by the system.
HealthKit8Access and share health and fitness data while maintaining the user’s privacy and control.
HomeKit8Configure, control, and communicate with home automation accessories.
Local Authentication8Authenticate users biometrically or with a passphrase they already know.
Metal8Render advanced 3D graphics and perform data-parallel computations using graphics processors.
Network Extension8Customize and extend core networking features.
Notification Center8Create and manage widgets for the Today view.Deprecated
os8Coordinate the scheduling and synchronization of your app’s tasks, and log information to the console to diagnose issues.
PhotoKit8Work with image and video assets managed by the Photos app, including those from iCloud Photos and Live Photos.
PushKit8Respond to push notifications related to your app’s complications, file providers, and VoIP services.
SceneKit8Create 3D games and add 3D content to apps using high-level scene descriptions. Easily add animations, physics simulation, particle effects, and realistic physically based rendering.
Swift8Build apps using a powerful open language.
WebKit8Integrate web content seamlessly into your app, and customize content interactions to meet your app’s needs.
Compression9Leverage common compression algorithms for lossless data compression.
Contacts9Access the user’s contacts and format and localize contact information.
Contacts UI9Display information about users’ contacts in a graphical interface. 
Core Spotlight9Index your app so users can search the content from Spotlight and Safari.
Darwin Notify9Send and receive Darwin notifications.
GameplayKit9Architect and organize your game logic. Incorporate common gameplay behaviors such as random number generation, artificial intelligence, pathfinding, and agent behavior.
Metal Performance Shaders9Optimize graphics and compute performance with kernels that are fine-tuned for the unique characteristics of each Metal GPU family.
MetalKit9Build Metal apps quicker and easier using a common set of utility classes.
Model I/O9Import, export, and manipulate 3D models using a common infrastructure that integrates MetalKit, GLKit, and SceneKit.
ReplayKit9Record or stream video from the screen, and audio from the app and microphone.
Watch Connectivity9Implement two-way communication between an iOS app and its paired watchOS app.
CallKit10Display the system-calling UI for your app’s VoIP services, and coordinate your calling services with other apps and the system.
dnssd10Discover, publish, and resolve network services on a local area or wide area network.
Messages10Create app extensions that allow users to send text, stickers, media files, and interactive messages.
SiriKit10Empower users to interact with their devices through voice, intelligent suggestions, and personalized workflows
Speech10Perform speech recognition on live or prerecorded audio, receive transcriptions, alternative interpretations, and confidence levels of the results.
User Notifications10Push user-facing notifications to the user’s device from a server, or generate them locally from your app.
User Notifications UI10Customize the interface that displays local and remote notifications.
Video Subscriber Account10Support TV provider and Apple TV app functionality.
ARKit11Integrate iOS device camera and motion features to produce augmented reality experiences in your app or game.
Business Chat11Chat with your customers using the Messages app.
ClassKit11Enable teachers to assign activities from your app’s content and to view student progress.
Core ML11Integrate machine learning models into your app.
Core NFC11Detect NFC tags, read messages that contain NDEF data, and save data to writable tags.
DeviceCheck11Reduce fraudulent use of your services by managing device state and asserting app integrity.
File Provider11An extension other apps use to access files and folders managed by your app and synced with a remote storage.
File Provider UI11Add actions to the document browser’s context menu.
IOSurface11Share hardware-accelerated buffer data (framebuffers and textures) across multiple processes.
PDFKit11Display and manipulate PDF documents in your apps.
SMS and Call Reporting11Create extensions to manage and report unwanted SMS messages and spam calls.
Vision11Apply computer vision algorithms to perform a variety of tasks on input images and video.
Authentication Services12Make it easy for users to log into apps and services.
CarPlay12Integrate CarPlay in audio, communication, navigation, parking, EV-charging, and food-ordering apps.
Core Services12Access and manage key operating system services, such as launch and identity services
Natural Language12Analyze natural language text and deduce its language-specific metadata.
Network12Create network connections to send and receive data using transport and security protocols.
Service Management12Load and unload launchd services, and read and modify launchd dictionaries from within an app.
Apple CryptoKit13Construct and manage a graphical, event-driven user interface for your macOS app.
Automatic Assessment Configuration13Enter single-app mode and prevent students from accessing specific system features while taking an exam.
Background Tasks13Request the system to launch your app in the background to run tasks.
Bundle Resources13Resources located in an app, framework, or plugin bundle.
CareKit13Create apps that help people better understand and manage their health.
Combine13Customize handling of asynchronous events by combining event-processing operators.
Core Audio Types13Use specialized data types to interact with audio streams, complex buffers, and audiovisual timestamps.
Core Haptics13Compose and play haptic patterns to customize your iOS app’s haptic feedback.
CryptoTokenKit13Access security tokens and the cryptographic assets they store.
Device Management13Manage your organization’s devices remotely.
Exposure Notification13Implement a COVID-19 exposure notification system that protects user privacy.
ImageCaptureCore13Browse for media devices and control them programmatically from your app.
Link Presentation13Fetch, provide, and present rich links in your app.
MetricKit13Aggregate and analyze per-device reports on exception and crash diagnostics, and on power and performance metrics.
PencilKit13Capture touch and Apple Pencil input as a drawing, and display that content from your app.
QuickLook Thumbnailing13Generate thumbnails for common file types and add a Thumbnail Extension to your app to enable others to create thumbnails of your custom files
RealityKit13Simulate and render 3D content for use in your augmented reality apps.
Sound Analysis13Classify various sounds by analyzing audio files or streams.
SwiftUI13Declare the user interface and behavior for your app on every platform.
VisionKit13Use the iOS camera to scan documents like those you capture in the Notes app.
Accessibility14Make your apps accessible to everyone who uses Apple devices.
AdServices14Attribute app-download campaigns that originate from the App Store, Apple News, or Stocks on iOS devices.
App Clips14Provide users a shortcut to selected content and features of your app.
App Tracking Transparency14Request user authorization to access app-related data for tracking the user or the device.
Apple Archive14Perform multithreaded lossless compression of directories, files, and data.
AVFAudio14Play, record, and process audio; configure your app’s system audio behavior.
ClockKit14Display app-specific data on the clock face.
DeveloperToolsSupport14Expose custom views and modifiers in the Xcode library.
Media Setup14Enable users to configure HomePod speakers to stream music directly from your media service.
Metal Performance Shaders Graph14Build, compile, and execute customized multidimensional compute graphs for linear algebra, machine learning, computer vision, and other similar domains.
ML Compute14Accelerate training and validation of neural networks across the CPU and one or more GPUs
Nearby Interaction14Locate and interact with nearby devices using identifiers, distance, and direction.
Screen Time14Share and manage web-usage data, and observe changes made by a parent or guardian.
SensorKit14Retrieve data and derived metrics from an iPhone’s sensors, or from a paired Apple Watch.
StoreKit Test14Create and automate tests in Xcode for your app’s subscription and in-app purchase transactions.
System14Perform low-level file operations using type-safe APIs.
Uniform Type Identifiers14Provide uniform type identifiers (UTI) to identify types for files and data transfer.
WidgetKit14Show relevant, glanceable content from your app on the iOS Home screen or macOS Notification Center.
CoreLocationUI15Streamline access to users’ location data through a standard, secure UI.
Create ML15Create machine learning models for use in your app.
Device Activity15Monitor device activity with your app extension while maintaining user privacy.
FamilyControls15Authorize your app to provide parental controls on a child’s device.
GroupActivities15Create app-specific activities your users can share and experience together.
ManagedSettings15Access and change settings with your app while maintaining user privacy and control.
ManagedSettingsUI15Define and configure the appearance of shielding views.
MusicKit15Integrate your app with Apple Music.
OSLog15A unified logging system for the reading of historical data.
PHASE15Play dynamic audio that reacts to events and cues in the environment in your game or app using the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE).
ShazamKit15Find information about a specific audio recording when a segment of that recording is part of captured sound.
TabularData15Import, organize, and prepare a table of data to train a machine learning model.
ThreadNetwork15Join or extend the existing Thread mesh network.
AGLMacCreate and manage OpenGL rendering contexts for use in macOS, and perform operations on drawable objects.
AppKitMacConstruct and manage a graphical, event-driven user interface for your macOS app.
Application ServicesMacPerform common application tasks.
AudioDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for audio devices.
AutomatorMacDevelop actions that the Automator app can load and run. View, edit, and run Automator workflows in your app.
BlockStorageDeviceDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for custom storage devices that communicate with the driver using custom protocols.
CollaborationMacFind and access identities, that is, users and groups. Display the Identity Picker, which lets users create and select identities.
ColorSyncMacReproduce colors accurately across a range of input, output, and display devices.
Core WLANMacQuery AirPort interfaces and choose wireless networks.
Disk ArbitrationMacProvides mechanisms to register and block disk mount or unmount events.
DriverKitMacDevelop device drivers that run in user space.
Endpoint SecurityMacDevelop system extensions that enhance user security.
Exception HandlingMacMonitor and debug exceptional conditions in code.
Execution PolicyMacProvide functionality so developer tools can manage execution policy exceptions.
Finder SyncMacEnhance the Finder’s user interface by adding badges, shortcut menu items, and toolbar buttons.
Force FeedbackMacControl force feedback devices attached to the system. Develop plug-ins that enable communication with force feedback hardware.
FWAUserLibMacInterface with FireWire audio devices to manage connections, audio engines, and audio and MIDI streams
HIDDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for human-interface devices, such as keyboards, pointing devices, and digitizers like pens and touch pads.
HypervisorMacBuild virtualization solutions on top of a lightweight hypervisor, without third-party kernel extensions.
iTunes LibraryMacRetrieve the properties of the media in the user’s iTunes library.
InputMethodKitMacDevelop input methods and manage communication with client applications, candidates windows, and input method modes.
IOBluetoothMacGain user-space access to Bluetooth devices.
IOBluetooth UIMacPresent an interface through which users can pair their devices with other Bluetooth devices.
IOKitMacAccess hardware devices and drivers from your apps and services.
IOUSBHostMacCreate host-mode user space drivers for USB devices.
KernelMacDevelop kernel-resident device drivers and kernel extensions.
Kernel ManagementMacManage the loading and unloading of system extensions in the kernel.
Latent Semantic MappingMacClassify text and other token-based content into developer-defined categories.
LocalAuthenticationUIViewMacPresent a standard local authentication view icon in a custom authentication view.
MailKitMacSecure, customize, and act on email messages that users send and receive.
Media LibraryMacAccess read-only collections of the user’s multimedia content.Deprecated
NetworkingDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for Ethernet networking devices.
Open DirectoryMacAuthenticate users, and search for contact information in Open Directory and LDAP directories.
Paravirtualized GraphicsMacAdd graphics acceleration to your guest driver stack.
PCIDriverKitMacDevelop device drivers for Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) accessories.
Preference PanesMacIntegrate your app’s custom preferences into the System Preferences app.
QuartzMacAllow users to browse, edit, and save images, using slideshows and Core Image filters.
QuickLookUIMacCreate previews of files to use inside your macOS app.
Screen SaverMacAnimate screen savers, and interact with the screen saver infrastructure. Use functions that help you produce random values and centering rectangles.
Scripting BridgeMacAutomate scriptable apps by sending and receiving Apple events.
SCSIControllerDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for SCSI protocol-based devices.
Security FoundationMacRestrict a user’s access to particular features in your Mac app or daemon.
Security InterfaceMacProvide user interface elements for security features such as authorization, access to digital certificates, and access to items in keychains.
SerialDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for serial I/O devices connected to your Mac.
System ExtensionsMacInstall and manage user space code that extends the capabilities of macOS.
USBDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for USB-based devices.
USBSerialDriverKitMacDevelop drivers for serial USB devices connected to your Mac.
vmnetMacConnect with network interfaces to read and write packets on guest operating systems.
VirtualizationMacCreate virtual machines and run Linux-based operating systems.
xcselectMacA function that finds the path to a macOS SDK version on disk.
XcodeKitMacCreate extensions to add commands to the Xcode source editor.
XPCMacAccess a low-level interprocess communication mechanism.
Apple SiliconN/AGet the resources you need to create software for Macs with Apple silicon.
DocCN/AProduce rich API reference documentation and interactive tutorials for your Swift framework or package.
HTTP Live StreamingN/ASend audio and video to iOS, tvOS, and macOS devices.
Human Interface GuidelinesN/AGet in-depth information and UI resources for designing great apps that integrate seamlessly with Apple platforms.
iOS & iPadOS Release NotesN/ALearn about changes to the iOS & iPadOS SDK.
Installer JSN/AManage and customize the installation and distribution experience.
macOS Release NotesN/ALearn about changes to the macOS SDK.
Mac CatalystN/ACreate a version of your iPad app that users can run on a Mac device.
Playground BluetoothN/ADisplay and manage connections to Bluetooth peripherals in Swift Playgrounds.
Playground SupportN/AShare playground data, manage live views, and control the execution of a playground.
Professional Video ApplicationsN/AExchange data with Final Cut Pro, and create effects plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion.
Safari Release NotesN/ALearn about changes for Safari for iOS and macOS, Web Inspector, WebKit view for iOS and macOS, and Safari view for iOS.
Swift PackagesN/ACreate reusable code, organize it in a lightweight way, and share it across Xcode projects and with other developers.
Swift PlaygroundsN/ACreate interactive learning experiences for the Swift Playgrounds app.
tvOS Release NotesN/ALearn about changes to the tvOS SDK.
watchOS Release NotesN/ALearn about changes to the watchOS SDK.
XcodeN/ABuild, test, and submit your app with Apple’s integrated development environment.
Xcode CloudN/AAutomatically build, test, and distribute your apps with Xcode Cloud to verify changes and create high-quality apps.
Xcode Release NotesN/ALearn about changes to Xcode.
XCTestN/ACreate and run unit tests, performance tests, and UI tests for your Xcode project.
WebKit JSSafariAccess and modify DOM elements within a webpage, including touch events and visual effects.
TV ServicestvOSDisplay content and descriptions, provide channel guides, and support multiple users on Apple TV.
TVMLtvOSUse Apple TV Markup Language to create individual pages inside of a client-server app.
TVMLKittvOSCreate client-server apps by incorporating JavaScript and TVML files in your binary app.
TVMLKit JStvOSCreate tvOS client-server apps using web technologies to stream media and respond to events.
TVUIKittvOSShow common user interface elements from Apple TV in your native app.
WatchKitWatchBuild apps that leverage watchOS features like background tasks, extended runtime sessions, and access to the Digital Crown.
App Store Connect APIWebAutomate the tasks you perform on the Apple Developer website and in App Store Connect.
App Store ReceiptsWebValidate app and in-app purchase receipts with the App Store.
App Store Server APIWebManage your customers’ App Store transactions from your server.
App Store Server NotificationsWebMonitor in-app purchase events in real time with server notifications from the App Store.
Apple Music APIWebIntegrate streaming music with catalog and personal content.
Apple NewsWebDesign, create, and publish signature content for Apple News.
Apple Pay on the WebWebSupport Apple Pay on your website with JavaScript-based APIs.
Apple Pay Web Merchant Registration APIWebManage merchant registration through your web platform.
Apple Search AdsWebDrive app discovery by creating and managing campaigns with the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API.
Business Chat REST APIWebSupport your clients and their customers by integrating your messaging platform with the Business Chat service.
ClassKit Catalog APIWebDeclare the activities supported by your educational app through a web interface.
CloudKit JSWebProvide access from your web app to your CloudKit app’s containers and databases.
LivePhotosKit JSWebPlay Live Photos on the web.
MapKit JSWebEmbed interactive Apple maps on your website, annotate points of interest, and perform geo-related searches.
Maps Web SnapshotsWebCreate a static image of a map from a URL.
MusicKit JSWebAdd an Apple Music player to your web app.
Safari Extensions JSWebExtend the browsing experience with injected scripts and style sheets for web content, custom buttons in the Safari toolbar, and contextual menu items.Deprecated
Sign in with AppleWebProvide users the ability to sign in to your apps and websites using their Apple ID.
Siri Event Suggestions MarkupWebUpdate users’ calendars and inform suggestions from Siri with reservation data embedded in email and webpages.
SiriKit Cloud MediaWebStream music directly to HomePod speakers from your media service.

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